EX1 / EX1R Base Plate

$119.95 - $139.95

We are out of stock on the EX1 and EX1R base plates.  Please contact us for pricing if you would like to have a special run of one or more made.

 CNC Machined aluminum base plate for the Sony EX1 / EX1R.

  • The EX1 & EX1R base plates work with our new accessory arm.
  • The EX1R base plate is specific to that model camera. We also have our new EX1/EX1R base plate that is universal to fit both cameras. If you order the EX1 model you will receive the universal one.
  • This plate protects the base of your camera from cracking and adds multiple 1/4" and 3/8" mounting holes.
  • Available in anodized black. The screws and allen wrenches are supplied. All you need is a #00 screwdriver to remove the stock phillips head screws from your camera base.


This is a customer's video showing how a camera base can break, what it costs to fix it, and the install of the Juice Designs EX1 base plate. (install and concept is similar for all camera models)
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