Curtis Guise, email - sales at jdfilms.com. 
Who is Juice Designs?
Juice Designs has been in the graphic design industry for over 20 years. I started filming off-road races over 18 years ago and shortly after formed JD Films. I saw a need for a well designed base plate for the HVX200 and now it's available to the public as well as other models.
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What is the CNC machined base plate? 
The new base plates are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum. They add multiple 1/4" mounting holes as well as 3/8" holes. The plate also protects the base of the camera from cracking when mounted to a tripod saving you from a $1000 repair from Panasonic or Sony. The HPX170 and HMC150 base plate also re-aligns your tripod mounting holes with the center line of the lens. Making it possible to use rail systems for matte boxes and lens adapters. 
Do you make them for other cameras? 
We currently make base plates for the HVX200 / HVX200a, AF100, HPX250 / AC160 / AC130, HPX170 / HMC150, Sony EX1 / EX1R. Please contact us if you think any other camera models would benefit from a CNC machined base plate. 
Will the base plate work with a mattebox or lens adapter like the Chrosziel 450? 
Yes, we make an adapter for the Chrosziel 450. The adapter spaces the rail mount 3/8", the thickness of our base plates. The adapter includes two screws needed for installation. Most other brands of matte boxes have enough adjustment to work with our base plates. If there is another common matte box or lens adapter that needs an adapter please let us know.
What's different about our base plates? 
Our base plates are lighter and stronger than any others in the market. We also use the stock 1/4" threaded hole in the camera in addition to the small mounting screws which adds considerable strength.
What does it take to install it on the camera? 
Only 5 minutes of your time with the supplied allen wrenches and screws. The base plate goes on top of the stock plastic base of the camera, it does not replace it. You only need a #00 philips screwdriver to remove the small stock screws.
What does it weigh? 
The HVX200 plate only weighs 220 grams. The other camera models weigh slightly less as they are smaller plates.