New affordable Matte Box

by Curtis Guise on April 25, 2011

The NCG Matte Box is a new affordable matte box solution with professional design, features and quality.

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Uses standard 15mm rail systems. Available with or without 15mm rails (we currently offer 8" or 12" hard anodized black aluminum). You will need a rail holder that bolts to the camera base to use this matte box.

We have a complete rail system for video cameras and DSLR cameras coming soon. Shoulder mounts and handles coming soon also.

• The matte box hood is a one piece ABS construction, field tested with HD cameras to check vision angles and optimized to prevent vignetting. However, wide angle lenses may have vignetting problems as they do with many matte boxes. The hood can also be trimmed down to be customized for your needs.
• The hood holder and rail block are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and anodized black.
• Slot machined in the top of the hood for easy access to the 4x4 filters.
• Matte box opening for the lens is 3.6" diamter. (Approx. 92mm)

Matte Box filter holder:
• The Matte Box is designed to use the Cokin Z-Pro 4x4 filter holder which is available at many stores (B&H, etc.). To help keep costs low for our customers we currently only offer the Matte Box without the Cokin Z-Pro so you can purchase yourself at standard retail price if you choose to use it. Approx $60. (See Picture)
• We also recommend Cokin's lens ring adapter. They offer them for most lens sizes and the Matte Box is designed to fit perfectly with the adapter to take up any space between the lens and Matte Box. (See Picture)